TECNO Pump 15

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Price PVP: 459,00 €
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Final Price 286,00 €
Reference: 97518



Expected warehouse departure date: 04/03/2021 - 08/03/2021
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Multistage centrifugal electropumps in horizontal execution made of stainless steel and technopolymers.

Designed for the pressurization of domestic homes, small irrigation systems and clean water pumping applications where a robust and compact pump is required.

Especially recommended for drinking water applications.

Reference Model Ean Price
97518 TECNO Pump 15 Tecno 15 3-0, 37KW-0.50 CV 8421535135401 286,00 €
97520 TECNO Pump 15 Tecno 15 4-0, 55KW-0.75 CV 8421535135418 300,00 €
97522 TECNO Pump 15 Tecno 15 5-0, 75KW-1.0 CV 8421535135814 325,00 €
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