Multi VS6 Pump

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Price PVP: 1.583,00 €
You save yourself: 618,00€ (39,04%)
Final Price 965,00 €
Reference: 200128



Expected warehouse departure date: 08/03/2021 - 12/03/2021
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ESPA presents a new range of pumps of the Multi series manufactured entirely in stainless steel AISI 304 or on demand in stainless steel AISI 316.
The Multi VS range has been designed and developed by ESPA to offer to the market a range of vertical multicellular pumps with standard motor coupling with the same reliability and sturdiness that has been offering for more than 30 years with its products Multi and Multi VE.

Now the new Multi VS, incorporates a new hydraulic design, a wider range to adjust its performance to the requirements of each application.
In addition to integrating the most advanced technologies and materials in the manufacture of its components, the main objective in the development of this new range has been the efficiency
Energy and reliability in the different working situations.

VS6 models.

Reference Model Ean Price
200128 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 03-0, 75KW-1, 0CV Tri   965,00 €
200129 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 05-1, 1KW-1, 5HP Tri   1.037,00 €
200130 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 07-1, 5KW-2, 0CV Tri 8421535148050 1.166,00 €
200131 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 10-2, 2KW-3, 0CV Tri 8421535164630 1.317,00 €
200132 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 14-3, 0KW-4, 0CV Tri   1.513,00 €
200133 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 18-4, 0KW-5, 5HP Tri   1.695,00 €
200134 Multi VS6 Pump MultiVS6 22-5, 5KW-7, 5HP Tri 8421535164357 2.357,00 €
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