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Hydra Chint Maneuver Cupboard 1 pump and control lighting Transf 100W

Valuation Valuation Valuation Valuation Valuation 5/5
  • Hydra Chint Maneuver Cupboard 1 pump and control lighting Transf 100W
  • Hydra Chint Maneuver Cupboard 1 pump and control lighting Transf 100W
Final Price 203,00 €
Reference: HYDRA-017



Factory order
Expected warehouse departure date: 26/06/2024 - 27/06/2024
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  • Polycarbonate 250x255x145 IP65.
  • Bipolar differential 40A high sensitivity 30mA.
  • Motor guard adjustable in intensity, according to power.
  • Manual operation via external selector.
  • Automatic operation.
  • Shielded safety, 100W 230V AC. Output 12V AC.
  • Magnetothermal 10A in primary. Fuse 8A in secondary.
  • Two-position switch.
Reference Model Ean Price ENTREGA
HYDRA-017 POWER 1/3 CV REGULATION 1, 6-2, 5 A   203,00 € 3/7 D.
HYDRA-018 POWER 1/2 CV REGULATION 2.5-4.0 A   203,00 € 3/7 D.
HYDRA-019 POWER 3/4-1 CV REGULATION 4-6.3 A   203,00 € 3/7 D.
HYDRA-020 POWER 1.5-2 CV REGULATION 6.3-10 A   206,00 € 24/48 H.
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