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  • Dolphin M600

    Dolphin M600

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The new swimming pool cleaner Maytronics Dolphin M 600 makes it very easy to take care of your swimming, keeping it clean and ready for fun, with minimal effort and hassle. It has been recently designed for maximum cleaning performance, convenient and simple handling. The M 600 is connected to the cloud, so you always have control in your hands, no matter where you are. Just sit down and let the M 600 work.


  • Dolphin IO Line

    Dolphin IO Line

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Maytronics Dolphin IO™ is the world's first pool pool cleaner, powered by a revolutionary self-learning artificial intelligence TECHNOLOGY called OPTEQ™, which allows for personalized pool cleaning.

iO has a constant cloud connectivity, which allows the end user to control the cleaner from anywhere through an end-user application, and enjoy cloud services such as performance analysis, usage notifications, suggestions of tools, data analysis and more.

OPTEQ™: A new era of personalized robotic cleaning of swimming pools

The revolutionary self-learning, Technology OPTEQ™, optimizes the cleanliness that is customized for your pool, with stereoscopic scanning of 360? ° and 3D Digital mapping. Maytronics Dolphin IO is the first pool cleaner on the market, which leverages artificial intelligence, with sophisticated automatic learning capabilities, which enhances the mapping of digital pools in each cleaning cycle. The OPTEQ Technology™ is the key enabler for optimized cleaning cycles for each individual pool, and the fastest possible cleaning for the pool and specific conditions, which eventually allows for more time to swim and have fun.


The new 2017 range of Dolphin M500 Cleaner is the best cleaning ever seen. Dolphin has released the new range of its pool pool cleaner 2017 changing its name to its most exclusive series, the Supreme M5 will be called M500. As for Modifaciones techniques The Cleaner will continue to have the same characteristics, the only difference is that the M500 have remote control and mobile APP.

The new Blue Maxi 30 cleaner manufactured in Exclusive for Fiesta Spas. This model cleans floor, wall and waterline in two hours helped by the precise navigation system Clever clean. Such system system systematically scans every inch of your pool, It is the pool cleaner 12 meters long and any type of surface, this robot has two independent active brushes, which ensures that cleaning is more effective in its two hours of cycle. The weight of the Blue Maxi is 7.5 Kg

2-Year Warranty + Free ITV

The new 2017 range of Dolphin M400 Cleaner is the best cleaning ever seen. Dolphin has released the new range of its pool pool cleaner 2017 changing its name to its most exclusive series, the Supreme M4 Pro will be called M400. As for modifaciones techniques, The cleaner will still have the same characteristics.

New cleaner Dolphin Maximus X60 exclusive Fiestaspas. This pool cleaner with its 18 meters of cable is perfect for all types of swimming pools between 12 and 15 meters long. Very easy to use Robot that cleans bottom, walls and waterline in a single operating cycle of 2 1/2 hours. One of the great advantages of this cleansing robot is that it brings the standard spring filter, Ultrafine Filter and transport trolley.
3 year warranty + Free ITV

New cleaner Dolphin Logic ECO 60. This cleaner model is the most complete of the Logic ECO range and has been designed to clean swimming pools up to 15 meters long and any type of surface. In addition to the Gyroscopio, this model counts, unlike the others, with a weekly programmable switchboard and a transport trolley. 2 year warranty plus 6 months

All salt equipment must be equipped with automatic PH adjustment for proper operation.Self-cleaning saline chlorinator brand Innowater code SMC10 30 M3 + PH-SMC15 50M3 + PH-SMC20 100M3 + PH-SMC30 150M3 + PH-SMC50 200M3 + phDosing pump peristaltic pH Wireless Innowater OR ph PRIM For proportional ph dosage

All salt equipment must be equipped with automatic PH adjustment for proper operation.Self-cleaning saline chlorinator brand Innowater code SAL8 25 M3 + PH-SAL16 65M3 + PH-SAL22 110M3 + PH-SAL33 200M3 + phPeristaltic dosing pump pH included for proportional pH dosage

Pump ESPA Mute Plus variable speed
Variable speed pump for swimming pools that adapts its frequency to each working cycle automatically thanks to the detector device placed on the selector valve handle.
Energy saving (up to 84% in electricity expenditure) and water consumption (up to 58%). Calculate your savings with this online calculation tool.
Ultraquiet operation and operating efficiency.
Easy installation and simplified management with APP via smartphone, which allows to control and program the pump.
Self-priming up to 4 m.
Available in 3 single-phase models from 1 CV to 3 HP.

The Super Pump VSTD is a new variable speed pump designed by Hayward highly energy efficient, especially designed for residential pools. Ideal for both new installations and substitutions.
Ideal filtering speed adjustment with 24 h circulation, noiseless, high energy efficiency, integrated controller with touch buttons, has permanent magnet motor for greater efficiency, 3 programmable speeds in 10 RPM increments of Precision. Suitable for new constructions and for substitution, body of the successful Super pump of Hayward, flow from 0.3 TO 1.5 CV, indicator of the electric consumption in display.

New range of pool pumps that incorporate the new speed Variator (e) Winner and synchronous motors of permanent magnets of altisima efficiency. The combination of these technologies, designed and developed by SACI, ensures a savings of up to 80% in energy consumption compared to traditional pumps. 3CV

Dryden Aqua AFM (activated filter Material) is an activated filtering medium for pool sand filters, with properties and performance superior to sand or conventional crushed glass, filtering 30% more organic matter.At a speed of 20 m/h, a nominal filtration of 5 microns is obtained without flocculationThanks to its smaller specific weight, it takes 15% less AFM than sand. For example, if the filter contains 150 kg of sand, only 125 kg of AFM will be needed.Complies with UNE-EN 12904 and ISO 9001:2008 standards.Filtering medium with better results according to the independent study carried out by IFTS (Institut de la Filtration et des techniques Séparatives). Complete analysis on the Web of the pools.Presentation in sacks of 21 kg (equivalent and with the same volume as 1 sack of sand of 25 kg).It is supplied in three different grades to be used according to the proportions indicated in the enclosed table.